Anti-ageing with Blueberry Apple juice
The presence of free radicals in the skin can cause severe skin damage. It can cause early signs of ageing- such as wrinkles, dry skin and age spots. The appearance of varicose veins and spider veins are other signs associated with ageing. Antioxidants are molecules that inhibit the oxidization of other molecules. Antioxidants may protect the skin against skin cell damage thus reducing the signs of ageing.
Muscle fatigue due to intense workout
Researchers believe that blueberries have an impact on the way our body stores and breaks down sugar. After an intense workout muscles may be sore or get tired, but this muscle fatigue can be improved with the consumption of Blueberry juice. Blueberries can help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress on the muscles thus speeding up muscle repair.
Skin problems in winter - Almond Milk
When my granny suggested Almond milk for my skin, i came across one from Farmpress and decided to try it for my skin problems. Consumption of Almond Milk, which contains plenty of Vitamin E, helps in maintaining skin health. Apart from Vitamins, it also has antioxidants which help to repair damaged skin as well as regulating Vitamin A. It's also very tasty with a hint of Vanilla and sea salt.
Seasonal fresh strawberries in a bottle
Strawberries are packed with Vitamin's C and K, fibre, antioxidants. Also it's a good dose of manganese and potassium. It also contains significant amount of phytonutrients and flavonoids. But my main motive behind eating strawberries is that it reduces premature aging.
Winding down after a hard day's work
Forget to go to the market / no lemon or no Pudina in your house.. no need to worry. Farmpress Mojito Mixer comes to my rescue. Now it's very easy to impress unexpected guests.
Healthy diet with cold pressed Berry juices from Farmpress
Berries are rich in key Vitamins and Minerals. They are healthy sources of fiber, Pottassium and Vitamin C. Pomegranate helps decrease hypertension, provides lots of antioxidants, decreases hypertension....Apples...well an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Vitamin C - Cold pressed Orange juice
These juices are cold pressed, sugar free and preservative free. And the most important thing is my son loves them. Now no more worrying about my son's Vitamin intake. Thank you Farmpress.
Cold pressed juice from Farmpress
Juices are manufactured in our own GMP facility located at Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India. A majority of the produce is sourced from our own farms in Jalgaon, amidst the most fertile lands in Maharashtra. The products are FSSAI approved and facility is FSSAI licensed. We adhere to the highest quality and hygiene standards such as HACCP and High Pressure Processing (HPP) to ensure the safety of our products for its consumers.