1. Sourcing The Right Produce:

Fresh produce is sourced directly from our farmers. We look for the following key characteristics of the fruit:


2. Cleaning and Washing Produce:

Our produce goes through 3 separate washers, which use ozonation and ultrasound to ensure all our produce is completely safe for further processing.

The water we use is RO filtered water, which comes from our own RO plant in the facility. The water TDS is always kept below 50.

3. Juicing & Pureeing:

For fruits and vegetables, which are required to be juiced, we use cold press juicers, which give us the best quality of extraction. Cold Pressing has the following advantages compared to other juicing techniques:

• Cold temperature is maintained in the entire juicing area ensuring no bacterial activity.

• Cold pressing yields 3-5 times more nutrition than other methods of juicing, such as centrifugal juicers.

• Cold Pressed Juicers do not force the produce through sharp blades to juice, unlike other juicing techniques, which produce a lot of heat and cut through the cells of the fruit/vegetable giving way to oxidation. This in turn destroys essential enzymes and reduces the nutrition level of the juice. Cold Pressing keeps thetaste, aroma, nutrition and freshness intact.

For Pureeing, we use two-stage stainless steel pulper’s. These extract the pulp out of the fruit and put it through two different sized sieves to attain the desired consistency for the puree.

4. Quick Freezing:

Never Heated (Unpasteurized):We do not subject our juices to heat treatment, instead we use quick freezing as a method of preservation. The juices/purees are chilled down to -2 Degree Celsius in a matter of few minutes after extraction, making it unsuitable for any bacteria to grow, and then frozen down to -18 Degree Celsius, ready for storage for the entire period of its Shelf Life of 24 months.

We freeze our fruit and vegetable juices and purees using Plate Freezers, which freeze the juice/puree in a matter of few minutes as compared to other conventional methods of freezing, which usually take more than 8 to 10 hours to freeze the product.

The quick freezing allows us to achieve a very high quality of product that retains the fruit/vegetable’s original taste, aroma, texture, nutrition level and freshness. This usually is not the case with pasteurised juices/purees, which often have a cooked flavour and taste along with lower nutritional values as compared to fresh frozen juices/purees.

Our customers give us the feedback that “our frozen juices/purees are as good as using the whole fruit/vegetable itself, minus the extra cost of going through the entire process of sourcing and preparing the fruit/vegetable for use into their end product”.

• No Preservatives,
• No Added Sugar,
• No Added Colour,
• No Added Water
• 100% Natural

5. Packaging:

We can customize the pack size according to your needs.

Our standard pack sizes are as follows:

Bulk Pack: 15Kg

Other Pack Sizes Available: 200 ml & 1 Kg


 6. Storage:

We store our product at -18 degree Celsius to ensure a shelf life of 18 to 24 months. For this we have invested into state of the art cold storages.

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