Raw Cane Sugar

Jaggery is a free flowing sweetener, produced by simply concentrating and dehydrating pure, natural cane juice. You can use it similarly to white, crystalline sugar.
Manufacturer: Farmpress Pvt Ltd
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The product is organically produced and processed according to current good manufacturing practices, HACCP norms and regulations NPOP, NOP & EEC 834/2007. Also the product is naturally fumigated through EcO2 processing technique and steam sterilized.


Physical Parameters:

Dimensions: Granules
Taste: Sweet Taste with a touch of Molasses Flavor
Colour: Golden Yellow to Dark Brown
Insoluble particles: NMT 200 ppm

Chemical Parameters:

Moisture: 2% Max
Ash Content: 3% Max
ICUMSA (+-10%): 250 to 600 units

*ICUMSA colour and polarization will be tested as per ICUMSA GS 2/3 10 and ICUMSA GS 2/31 method respectively.

Microbiological Parameters:

E. Coli (cfu/gm): Absent

(Microbiological Specifications can be customised as per requirements).


Pesticides: Complying with requirements for pesticide residue levels of German Association for Organic Production and Trade (BNN – Herstellung Und Handel)

*Aflatoxin: As per the regulations of the destination country.
*GMO: Free from GMO
*Allergen: Free from Allergens
(Other mandatory requirements will be in compliance to the respective regulations of the destination country)

Packing: 20-25 Kgs, PP Kraft Bags with heat sealed inner poly liner. Other options can be suggested.

Shelf Life: 24 months, under proper storage.