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Frozen Ginger Juice

Our Frozen Ginger Juice is 100% natural without preservatives, sugar, colour, water and additives. It is 100% safe for use directly into your end product.

Some of the uses of Frozen Ginger Juice are as follows:

  • Beverages: Juices, Smoothies, soft drinks, cocktails.
  • Dairy: Ice creams, Yoghurts and milkshakes
  • Confectionaries: Cakes, Puddings, Fillers, and toppings.
  • Food service – Bars, restaurants and hotels etc.
  • Any food product that requires the use of 100% natural fruits/vegetables (Cadies, fruit jams, jellies and baby foods)
  • Repacking into smaller packs for sale to end-user.

Farm Press Pvt. Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Ginger Juice in India.

Ginger is a root vegetable cultivated across India. The location of our factory in Jalgaon, Maharashtra allows us to source Ginger directly from the farmers around. We ensure that only the fully mature ginger is harvested for our use. Various observations are made before the harvest at the ginger plantations itself before finalising on the crop. Ginger is widely used in many products that improve digestion, ease cold and flu, relieve pain, reduce inflammation and support cardio-vascular health. Ginger is also a great ingredient for flavour enhancement.
We are able to provide you the most fresh and natural Ginger juice there is to use directly into your products. The main season for Ginger that is when it is harvested at its full maturity starts from February end to May. However, we are able to provide the juice throughout the year with our storage capabilities for Ginger in our cold storages.
The processing for ginger is majorly automated and carried out in clean and hygienic conditions that comply with international standards. We are focused on meeting the most stringent quality requirements of our customers spread across the world. With a state of the art processing infrastructure and an expert team to ensure high level of safety, quality, efficiency and problem solving mechanisms we are the most trusted and reliable supply partners for all our customers spread across the world.

Key Advantages:

  • 100% Natural
  • No Added Sugars
  • No Preservatives
  • No Additives
  • No Artificial colours

The fully matured ginger is washed thoroughly using 2 stages of water (chlorinated and fresh water) to ensure elimination of any foreign dust and dirt. The first level of quality check is conducted at this stage. The ginger is then filled into crates and stored in Cold Storages for further processing. The ginger is then shredded for cold pressing into juice. The juice is filtered and filled into low- density poly bags ready to be frozen. After the filling, the bags are frozen using our plate freezers to -18 Degree Celcius. The frozen blocks of Ginger Juice are then packed into a carton box and stored in -18 degree cold storages – ready for dispatch.

Never Heated (Unpasteurized): We do not subject our juices to heat treatment, instead we use quick freezing as a method of preservation. We freeze our juices using plate freezers immediately after extraction/cold-pressing. The juices are chilled down to -2 Degree Celsius in a matter of few minutes after extraction, making it unsuitable for any bacteria to grow, and then frozen down to -18 Degree Celsius, ready for storage for the entire period of its Shelf Life of 24 months.

The quick freezing allows us to achieve a very high quality of product that retains the fruit/vegetable’s original taste, aroma, texture, nutrition level and freshness. This usually is not the case with pasteurised products, which often have a cooked flavour and taste along with lower nutritional values as compared to fresh frozen juices/purees.

Physical, Chemical & Organoleptic Analysis:

• Taste & Flavour: Characteristic of Mature Ginger
• Colour: Greenish Brown
• Brix at 20 Deg. C:
• pH at 20 Deg. C: 5.5
• Viscosity: Low
• Appearance: Consistent and Uniform

Microbiological Analysis:

• Total Viable Count (CFU/gm): <500
• Yeast/Mould Count (CFU/gm): <100
• Coliforms (CFU/gm): Absent
• E. Coli (CFU/gm): Absent
• Salmonella/25gm: Absent
• Staphylococcus aureus/25gm: Absent
• Pseudomonas/25gm: Absent

Declaration: This product is commercially sterile, free from pathogenic microorganism, added sugar, dystuff, synthetic flavour, and stabilizers and fit for human consumption


We pack our frozen blocks of juices/purees into heat sealed poly bags, which are further placed inside carton boxes. If you would like to suggest another option, which is more suitable for your production, please feel free to get in touch with us - Contact Us

Contact us for our standard pack sizes or for your preferred pack size

Shelf Life and Storage:

Store at -18 Degree Celsius at all times for a Shelf Life of 24 months.


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